New text adventure taking shape.

I have been working on a text adventure for a few months on and off. Writing the story and planning the scenario seems to be traight forward compared to the actual implimentation of the engine. While I work on this I plan to release some teasers and info about the project as it evolves. I am doing this for fun and to release it to the public for free.

So here is a sneak peak at some of the notes scattered around the game.


I have been sat alone in this stinking box for months. The recycled air is starting to irritate my lungs; making them itch like termites are living in them. The bunker is starting to develop the smell of a life gone stale. A life put on hold while the tragedy resolves in the world beyond the steel door.

Just how long has it been?



I don’t know anymore because I gave up counting after 6 months. Without natural light it is hard to tell when one day ends and another starts. Also considering I smashed my phone I have had no real way of finding out. I sleep when I am tired and eat when I am hungry. That is what my life has devolved to, nothing more than a rhythmic boring pattern of eat, sleep, shit and piss. Showering became a useless waste of time and water so I gave that up within the first week. I am down to simple protein and vitamin rations. My body weight has dramatically dropped since starting the rations but in fairness I doubt the people who came up with them thought that people would be living off them for this long (How long has it been again? ). So some of the needed fats were probably left out.

Entertainment is down to a minimum. My phone stored all my games (Which I smashed) and the Personal Data Slate developed a major fault and died a while back. All I have left is counting stock, and a really old dice game. And a lack of interpersonal communication has left me a little on the edge. I was never a social person but this is a touch extreme even for me. I know it’s in my head but every so often I can hear voices whispering, laughter comes like raspy breaths of air, scratching at the bunker door. All in my head but at the same time I have to wonder if it is actually in my head.

Odd I know but this is what happens when one person is left alone for however long.

I have looked many a time at the bunker door. The dull cold steel has not moved since I threw myself in here and the door slammed behind me. I heard screaming from somewhere else in the city that grew muffled and silent as the door slammed shut. That was the last I had seen of the outside world. Surely it is time to take a look outside. Surely the situation has resolved it’s self.

Well I suppose there is one of several possibilities.

1 – The world has continued absolutely fine and it was a minor blip. A minor panic over nothing.

2 – Human life in the colony has been wiped out except for the buildings and the local vegetation.

3 – Everything is fucked and I am literally the last one alive and this bunker is the only bit of civilisation left.

Maybe all three, plus any number I have yet to think of or unable to think of, are all existing right now. All in some sort of quantum flux. Waiting for me to open this door, observe it and collapse them into the right reality.

A kind of reverse Schrodinger’s cat experiment?

The thought of that is making my head hurt. I never did grasp quantum mechanics at school. Doubt going loony in solitary confinement has made it any more understandable.

No it’s time. Time I got myself out of here and looked beyond that steel door. Surely it would have resolved by now. I am sure I have read that it would have been over quick if it ever did happen. A few months and you would be safe. Lord knows I have come very close a few times but sheer cowardice stopped me at the last moment.

No today is the day. The day I find out what has happened.

Carpe diem……

So I hope this is a nice little sneak peek at what I have planned. More will be released as I get stuff done.


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