Been a while

It’s been a while since my last post. I have just been so busy with life that I have not had time to update my blog. So here is my half arsed attempt at bringing my blog up to date, of sorts.
The game is still progressing. I have decided to split the game into smaller chunks to make both publishing and distribution a bit easier. I have also moved from Inform 7 to something called Adrift. The upside to this is that it makes game creation easier because I have a visual representation of the game world. The downside is that it is a Windows only bit of software. Which is a bit of a shame because I wanted to try and keep it open to other platforms.
The game world is pretty much completed. For the first part anyway. I am now working on items, puzzles and story driven content.
Life has been very busy. It’s getting to that cold time of the year when people start picking up allsorts of weird and wonderful things. So it’s this time of the year that the hospital because very busy. Plus my wife is now 30 some weeks pregnant with our second child. This is both exciting and tiring because our 14 month old is now getting into that “into everything” stage.
The joys :)